AllStar Portable Node 43834

KC9ONA's Custom Ammo Can Portable Node



This is my AllStar ammo can portable node. The metal ammo can makes for a rugged, cool looking package. Stuffed inside is a Raspberry Pi 3, Vertex VXR-1000 VHF Mobile Repeater (transceiver), and DMK URI-X. There is also a 12V DC fan, DC-DC regulator (12V to 5V step down), AMPHENOL 112433 RF Straight Bulkhead BNC Adapter, 12V DC safety cover toggle switch, momentary push button that halts the Pi w/corresponding LED status indicator, and 2 sets of Anderson Powerpoles off the back of the ammo can for power.

The Raspberry Pi gets its wireless signal from an UNLOCKED T-Mobile Sonic 4G Huawei UMG587 GSM Mobile Hotspot. The hotspot operates off of the Google Project Fi cellular network and works quite well.

Cable Schematic

Cable Schematic